Visionaries in Light Convergence- Denver Sept 22-24

I am really looking forward to hearing Mike Dooley, Marilyn Harper and many other speakers at this year’s Visionaries in Light Convergence in Denver, Colorado from Sept 22-24. So many Light Workers in one place and I get to share all about Quantum EFT for the Soul on stage too. I hope you can come too!

Quantum EFT Workshops – Melbourne / NZ

Jenny’s first 2 Quantum EFT for the Soul Workshops for 2017 are coming up soon.

March 25, 26 is Melbourne Quantum EFT & Mining the Akash Workshop

April 8 is Hamilton NZ Quantum EFT & Mining the Akashic workshop

Both workshops allow you to release old patterns that sabotage you from fears/events from this life and past lives and also allow you to gain the higher learning, gifts and knowledge from other lifetimes lived, allowing you to live a life of joy, empowerment and peace NOW.

For all details and to register, see HERE.

Quantum EFT and EFT for children

In this interview with Robyn Ringgold from ‘Raising Sunrays’, Jenny explains how to work with children using EFT and Quantum EFT for fears and traumas in this life and from other lives too. Watch the 40 min video HERE.

She became Lyme Free using Quantum EFT.

She became Lyme Free using Quantum EFT

Read how this 20 year old defeated her Lyme Disease and became well again using Quantum EFT. 

Read her Blog HERE.

Watch her actual Quantum EFT session video HERE.


His Past Life – I was The Fighter Pilot, The Commandant and The Beekeeper

Steve experienced relief after a Quantum EFT session to resolve issues form a past life that was still affecting him now. In this life, he has macular degeneration. Here is what he wrote about the traumatic past life he experienced in Germany in WW1 and WW11. (He has given me permission to share it, along with his Quantum EFT video session).

Watch the Quantum EFT video session  HERE.

If you have past trauma from this life or any life that is still affecting you now, contact Jenny for a free 15 min chat to discuss how she can assist you too. Schedule a free 1 5 min chat here –

The Beekeeper.

“Not so long ago, and not so far away, somewhere in Germany, in the early 1940’s, there is a Beekeeper. He lives in a small, comfortable cottage, on a few hectares of meadowland, near a forest.

He is considered a bit of a hermit, which is true, and yet, he very much enjoys the occasional visits from hikers, his farmer-neighbours, and the village folk, and he is welcome in all their homes. And his gifts, of large chunks of honeycomb, are always very welcome with the children.

He is in his early 60’s; he came to this place several years ago when he retired from the military. He truly loves it here, living close to nature and working with his bees. And he admires their focus, and energy, and productivity. It is his special wish, his silent hope, that he can spend the rest of his days here.

The war hasn’t really touched this small corner of Germany yet, except for the fact that all the younger men are gone to the service; and since through grace, and luck, and skill, he survived the Great War as a combatant, he figures he can survive this one as a civilian by just staying right here on his little “Island of Tranquility”.

And then one bright summer day a letter arrives. It is from the local military district. It is a request, translate order, that he be the commandant of a “temporary” concentration camp that is nearly finished construction a few dozen kilometers away.

He has few options. What’s he going to do, go to England?? Very early in the war some of his friends bailed out for Costa Rica and Argentina, but at the time, he felt too old to start all over again halfway around the world; and that option is pretty impossible now.

So he puts the uniform back on, and he takes the job. The first thing, the first survival skill that he learns is that whatever you do, you don’t show anything to anybody. His eyes become like one-way mirrored glass so that he sees out, and no one, no one sees in, whether it’s the idiot inspectors they send from Berlin or someone he thinks he recognizes in the line-up. Never, ever, show anything to someone you know in the line-up.

He goes into psycho-emotional overload real fast. Those damn trains never quit coming!!

What the hell is he going to do with all these people? What the hell is he going to do with all these people?? Why can’t they be allowed to stay in their homes for crissake?? As fast as the bombs are falling now it’s a major crapshoot if anyone is going to survive this.

But then, he thinks, he does still have some semi-decent personal networking, a fair number of connections. Surely, he ought to be able to find a place for some of them, maybe even quite a few of them.

So pull some strings, find a place: A couple of farms in Poland.

Pull some strings, find a place: Road gangs in Bavaria.

Pull some strings, find a place: A factory in Czechoslovakia.

Pull some strings, find a place, Pull some strings, find a place, Pull some strings, find a place!! Get them out of here, Get them out of here, Get them out of here!!!

Clearly he didn’t find a place for even a quarter of them. Not by a long shot. No contest. Not even close.

Three years in a job like that, and you’ve pretty much seen it all.

When it was obvious that the Allies were only a few days away, he drove into town on a pretext, changed into his beekeeper’s clothes, and he walked home. It only took him a couple of days.

The cottage was a shambles, though it was still structurally intact, and there were actually still a few beehives working and operational. So as best he could, he picked up the pieces of his life from before.

Several months after the war he saw an Allied newsreel that included some footage of a bulldozer moving a large pile of nude bodies into an open pit, and the thought that went through his mind was past all the personal fear, horror, pain, trauma and tragedy that must have been on each person’s path to bring them to that fate. It was simply:

“Those were perfectly good bodies! You don’t do that! You just don’t do that!! What colossal dishonoring. What ultimate waste.”

As it tuned out, he did get to spend the rest of his days on his little “Island of Tranquility” talking to his bees, but he only lasted a couple of years. That whole experience was for him, like shrapnel in the heart. Wie Schrapnell im Herzen. Like shrapnel, in the heart.”

~ by Steve Otto – April 2004

Like Steve, You can release what’s in the way of you stepping into your highest power, wisdom and peace by finding and releasing past life trauma that’s still affecting you now.

Make a free 15 min discovery appointment with Jenny to discuss how she can help you with your issues HERE.

The Matrix Reimprinting Online Summit 2016

The 2016 Matrix Reimprinting EFT Online Summit: Healing our Past; Transforming our Future

  • Why does your painful past follow you and no matter what you do, you can’t let it go?
  • Are you having ongoing health problems connected to emotional stressors but haven’t found the key to solving the underlying issue?
  • Do fear and anxiety control your life, but knowing that isn’t enough to change it?
  • Does your soul hunger to embrace your life, your partner and the gifts you deserve?

Whether you’re ready to make some big changes in your own life or you are looking to help others do the same, you’re going to want to check out this FREE, online event with an amazing array of paradigm-changing leaders in the field of Mind-Body medicine. Matrix Reimprinting is a unique form of “tapping” that integrates EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) with cutting edge psycho-emotional-somatic techniques that is fast spreading internationally as a means to effectively release painful experiences that limit who we are in the world.

I highly recommend you check out The 2016 Matrix Reimprinting EFT Online Summit HERE.

By registering for this online event, you will gain free access to presentations by revolutionary, paradigm changing teachers like Dr. Gabor Mate, Lynne McTaggart, Dawson Church, Karl Dawson and 10 more international experts! During this summit you will be inspired by:

Beginning with the pre-summit on September 5, you will have free 48 hour access to a sneak peek of the public launch of the film documentary, The Science of Tapping, with interviews with David Feinstein, PhD, Fred Gallo, PhD, Joe Dispenza, DC, Larry Burk, MD, Loretta Sparks, LMFT and more!

Karl Dawson on using Matrix Reimprinting to open the 5 Gateways to Healing

Dawson Church, PhD on the Epigenetics of the Matrix from Chromosome to Cosmos

Lynne McTaggart on Crafting Intentionality to Change the Field in the Past, Present and Future

Gabor Mate, MD on Being Inspired to Heal Your Traumatic Past to Create an Amazing Future

Alina Frank on Healing Your Sexual Self in the Matrix

Karin Davidson on Discovering Soul Space: How to Work between the Worlds

Penny Croal on How to Finally Overcome Overwhelm

Sam Thorpe will Teach the 7 Critical Steps to Conscious Health

Sharon King Reveals the Origins of Anxiety and what it Takes to Release it

Caryl Westmore on Being the Master of Your Domain with Matrix Goals Reimprinting

James Gardner will Open Your Heart with Ten Ways to Become the Person you want to Be

Thornton Streeter, PhD will reveal the Treasure Map of the Human Biofield

Ted Wilmont will Inspire You to Live a Life beyond Fear

Caroline Dawson Reveals what it takes to Recover from Abuse in the Matrix

By registering for the Matrix EFT Summit, you will have free access to ALL these presentations AND receive free bonus gifts, including the Matrix Collective Consciousness meditation. The feedback from last year’s summit was mind bogglingly positive and this year there are many additional benefits.

Click HERE to find out more information.

Tapping into Past Lives Workshops in North America

The Nth American Tapping into Past Lives Workshops are currently occurring and transformations are occurring abundantly! The Montreal Workshop is this weekend ( July 9, 10), completing the Canadian Workshops and then going on to Amherst NH, Ft Lauderdale, Larchmont, New York and Salt Lake City, Utah. July 6 is the last day for the Earlybird Price for Salt Lake City.

See HERE for all of the details.

Free Webinar

Break Free from Re-occurring Soul patterns that sabotage you NOW!

webinar pic

Register for this Free Webinar HERE

Live on May 11, 8:30pm EST, 5:30pm PST and in Melbourne, Australia on May 12 at 10:30am.

Jenny will be using Quantum EFT and regressing someone LIVE in this FREE webinar.
This is where you get to have a sneak peak at what happens in LIVE workshops and personal sessions with Jenny with Q&A too. 

There is a HUGE GIFT to live listeners.

(If you can’t make it live, register and listen ASAP as the gift is very time sensitive for a few days only.)

2016 Nth America Workshop Tour

2016 Nth America Workshop Tour

Due to popular demand, I have been asked to come back to Nth America to run these life changing workshops, Tapping into Past Lives based on the techniques of Quantum EFT, Past Life Regression and ‘mining’ the Akash (all of your lives).

Some of the people from these cities have asked me to come back, like Seattle, Toronto, Montreal and New York and then there are new cities – Whidbey Island (near Seattle), Amherst NH, Ft Lauderdale FL and Salt Lake City UT and Ottawa. I even get to be in Canada’s Capitol, Ottawa for Canada Day in July!


Why do those who have already done the workshop want to take it again? Because of the experience and amazing life changes they have experienced during and after the workshop.

The Toronto Workshop is already half booked with people repeating the workshop!

So, if you want to get the experience of a lifetime and experience past life regressions and Quantum EFT with the Founder of Quantum EFT who is coming all the way from Australia, don’t wait till the Earlybird Price Dates finish (30 days prior to the workshop) or seats may already be sold out!

This is an intimate workshop for the highest quality of experiences and places are LIMITED!

If you have questions, then make a free 15 min appointment with me to discuss on the ‘Let’s Talk button on my website.

Here are the dates and links for more information and to register –


  • June 18, 19 – Whidbey Island near Seattle, WA – see HERE
  • July 16, 17 – Amherst, New Hampshire – see HERE
  • July 23, 24 – Ft Lauderdale, Florida – see HERE
  • July 30, 31 – Larchmont, New York – see HERE
  • August 6, 7 – Salt Lake City, Utah – see HERE


  • June 25, 26 – Toronto – see HERE
  • July 2, 3 – Ottawa – see HERE
  • July 9, 10 – Montreal – see HERE

If you would prefer a 1 or 2 hour private session with me, I can arrange for that in any of the cities above in person or by Skype at any time.

Choices and prices are available on my “Let’s Talk’ – Schedule Now BluenButton on my website.

Hope to see some new and old faces there.

~ Jenny Johnston


Effective Healing Telesummit – Feb 2016

I’m so excited to be a part of the Effective Healing Telesummit in February 2016.

There are 21 Healing Experts from around the world sharing their experience, expertise and insights in this Free Effective Healing Telesummit on

  1. What goes into Effective Healing?
  2. What prevents it?
  3. How can people return to healing?

You can register and listen for free and the replays stay up for a few days if you can’t make it live to listen and ask the presenter questions. If you missed some and missed the replays, you can receive all of the presentations to keep for only $29! (Most other telesummits charge at least $97!)

Looking forward to hearing some of your questions on the call when I speak about Quantum EFT & Mining the Akash and Soul Level Healing.

Jenny Johnston