Transform Your Life Program 2 places left for 2017

Transform Your Life Program 2 places left for 2017

There are only 2 places left for the Transform Your Life Program which runs over 4 weeks to have a combination of personal Quantum EFT for the Soul Sessions and Past Life Regression Sessions with Jenny in 2017. See HERE for more details and book to have a free 30 min chat with Jenny about this program.

Watch this 13 min video of one of Jenny’s TYLP clients experiencing a Life Between Lives Higher learning and energetic experience that continues to affect her life now. Watch HERE.


Messages from Life between Lives

Messages from Life between Lives

What messages would you be able to learn from in this life if you were able to gain them from your master guides and higher self from in-between lives? Perhaps you would also feel loved and feel like this lovely lady who experienced this as part of her Transform Your Life Program in a Skype session with me a few weeks ago. Watch this 13 min video of her experience HERE.

If you would like to participate in one on one sessions with Jenny and experience your own higher learning and lessons amongst so much more, contact Jenny and read more about Transform Your Life Program HERE.

The final Quantum EFT & Mining the Akash Workshop is in Frankston, Melbourne on Dec 2, 3 – see HERE.



Quantum EFT Workshops – live and online

The next live weekend Quantum EFT Workshop is on Dec 2,3 in Frankston, Melbourne Australia.

The next Live Online 6 week version of the workshop begins in mid Oct and run through Nov.

It begins Friday Oct night in the US and Saturday morning in Australia – Details HERE. 

(Reviewers to the workshop can do the online version for a discount by using the code ‘REVIEWER’ to receive $111 off.

US – Fri Oct  13 – 3pm PAC, 6pm EAS

UK – Fri Oct 13 – 11pm

AUS  – Sat Oct 14 – 9am AEDST

Both the weekend and online workshops can be found on the Quantum EFT Workshops page HERE.

If you have already completed a workshop or workshops and wish to begin your Certification in Quantum EFT, then all the details are HERE.


Book Launch Sept 2 and Bonuses Galore!

My new book, “Your Past Life Inheritance – Tapping into the wisdom within to create your future now”, is now available on Amazon on Kindle and Print, however, there is a host of free bonus gifts available to those who purchase the book on Sept 2 from anywhere in the world. Bonuses are:

  • Guaranteed Pathways to Success in Your EFT Business Webinar – Alina Frank
  • The Healing Game – Transforming Chronic Illness with EFT Ebook – Annabel Fisher
  • What Your Doctors are Not Telling You about Chronic Pain Ebook – Barbara Semple
  • Tapping into Abundance Teleseminar – Brad Yates
  • 8 Colours of Prosperity – The Ultimate Guide to turn your Debt Devils into Love Angels book – Moira Bush
  • 3 Simple Steps to Falling in Love with Yourself Ebook – Naomi Janzen
  • Intimacy, boundaries, and missing links (mp3 download) – Bennie Naude
  • FREE 15 min discovery appointment with Jenny
  • FREE videos from Jenny’s 2015 & 2016 Nth American Tour
  • FREE first 3 chapters of Tapping into Past Lives
  • Receive $111 OFF the Live Online 6 week Quantum EFT Course – make a FREE 15 min appointment for instructions/suitability
  • Receive $100 OFF Transform Your Life Program – make a FREE 30 min TYLP appointment for instructions/suitability

are all available and listed on this page – where you can fill out your name, email address and Amazon order number to receive all the bonuses.

Put in a verified purchaser review on Amazon and email me and I will send you an added bonus of a free Past Life Regression audio aimed at Mining your Akash.

Enjoy the book and remember to go to the bonus page link in the last chapter of the book for all of the videos from the book and for the Quantum EFT protocol.

Cheers, Jenny Johnston.

Live Online Quantum EFT 6 week Course – starts July 14/15

Live Online Quantum EFT 6 week Course – starts July 14 (US – 4pm PAC/7pm EST) July 15 (Aus 9am Melb). $333 or for reviewers – $222 US. Details and to register – see HERE.

Here’s what some people from the last Live Online Course said –

“Quantum EFT and Mining the Akash was fantastic! This course was profound, easy to use and understand and the shift was rapid. I love how Jenny has incorporated powerful EFT with the souls wisdom and truth. Thank you Jenny for moving out of your comfort zone with EFT, incorporating past lives and creating a very powerful program.”

~ Angela Blaha USA


“Jenny, thank you for the experience and for masterfully interlacing two of my most passionate interests, past life regression therapy and EFT and making it appear effortless. Of course, expertise and skill in any area always looks effortless and easy; not until the unskilled attempt to replicate do we realise the complexity of intuition, timing, language and technique involved.
The Live Online Quantum EFT Course is well paced and structured to facilitate the introduction of concepts and development of confidence; providing lots of opportunities to release and heal old pain from our souls as we tune in to our growing intuition, skills and technique. Your generosity and willingness to share your experiences, to find the higher learning in every situation made everything feel safe. Parts of the course were challenging and took me out of my comfort zone, but the atmosphere and ethos you have created enabled me to step up and step out rather than falling back and hiding. Thank you once again for creating this wonderful course, so more people in the world can effortlessly and easily release the hurts of the past and step freely into their present and future.”

~ Maria Barrington – EFT Practitioner, Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist. UK.


“I can highly recommend Jenny Johnston’s 6 week Quantum EFT Live Online course. I was not able to participate in any live classes yet I believe that I fully benefited from the course, by listening to the replays and engaging in the group facebook page and participating in the practise sessions with other group members. The online community with the other participants was very focused and fun. There is an abundance of Quantum EFT videos and other resources to study as well. Jenny Johnston is a committed, passionate and skilled presenter. It is a delight to watch her work with people.”

~ Karin Goldgruber. Certified EFT Practitioner North Bay Canada


“Love this work, it is very deep, quick & effective. It has an effortless flow to it. Thank you Jenny for this work. I will definitely be using this skill for a long time to come.”

~ Catherine Lowe.


“I’ve loved the Quantum EFT Live Online course. It has been a challenge at times to jump straight in and get on with the work when I wanted not to feel the fear of being inadequate, yet having a go has been the best way to learn it. It’s great to know I’m clearing my stuff out on a deeper level with doing this work and Mining the Akash to find positive skills and experiences I can tap into to change my life for the better.
I’m so glad I’ve taken the Quantum EFT course. It has opened up so much more in my life than I could have ever imagined or hoped for.  I feel I’ve been given a chance to discover me all over again! Jenny, your skills, knowledge and the ease with which you impart them to the group are so clear, concise and timely. I would like to go on to train as a Certified Quantum EFT practitioner. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us Jenny.”

~ Alice Gallagher Nth Ireland


“Approximately 17 years ago I went through a phase where I was filled with terror that there would be a fire and I would have to escape with my two young children at the time. My husband was working nights at the time and as soon as he left for work I was wide awake and unable to sleep. Every night that he worked I proceeded to gather my children’s winter clothing and snow boots and placed them under their bedroom windows in case I had to make the quick getaway. My car keys and purse were always on top of one of their snow suits….earlier this week I worked on this memory with another workshop participant and traced the panic to a past life event where there was some type of exodus. Through the process that participant so skilfully facilitated, I cleared aspects in that lifetime which then brought me back to a very similar exodus event in this lifetime ( I was 10 years old at the time). I cleared aspects around that memory and feel that I was able to unblock some of the freeze response I created at that time. Since the session my body has felt cooler at night (in a good and pleasant way) and trust that the gains made in the session have also helped my autoimmune condition. Thank you fellow participant for you wonderful manner and providing such a safe place to do this piece of work. Hugs across oceans and time zones.”

~ Sylvana Viovy

Book now – for July 14/15 –




Become a Certified Quantum EFT Practitioner

Ready to become a Certified Quantum EFT Practitioner?

The first thing to do is a Quantum EFT Workshop live weekend or a 6 week Live Online Workshop.

Then repeat it – do a second workshop or online workshop (at a reduced cost).

Case studies, mentoring. Quantum EFT Videos to watch and comment on, video of you doing a Quantum EFT session.

Be one of the first people in the world to qualify as a Certified Quantum EFT for the Soul Practitioner!

Next Live Online Quantum EFT 6 week Course begins Fri July 14 4pm PAC/7pm EST/ Sat 15th July AUS 9am. $333 US

Have some questions? Make a free 15 min appointment to have those questions answered.


Jenny Johnston

My first channelling experience – White Cloud

My first experience of hearing a channeller was when I was in my early 30’s, not long after my Mum died suddenly. A friend of mine sent me to this middle aged woman in the country who channelled ‘White Cloud’. She had such a strong scottish accent that it took all of my energy and focus to understand what she was saying. And then she closed her eyes to chanel and a strong, deep male voice with no scottish accent came through. Her whole face changed shape as white cloud spoke directly to me. He called me ‘child’ and said that I love to walk and that is when I meditate and that I also love to read. He said, “You have many questions my child. You may begin”. I was so intrigued with the energy, his voice, the tone of wisdom and reverence, that I forgot that i had a whole page of questions written in my bag. I proceeded to ask questions and was filled with awe as he answered them patiently. After the session, I remember going to a park and just sitting and contemplating and knowing that finally I knew why I was here and that there was so much more to our human earthly experience. I continue to follow my path and my passion helping others to discover who they really are and that there is so much more than just this one human life.

I love taking people into past life regression where they get to experience so much more of themselves both in other lifetimes and also connecting with source/masters/higherself. I love being able to apply Quantum EFT to their ‘issues’ and find the higher learning as we let go of old patterns from lifetimes (including now) and create new beliefs and ways of ‘being’ knowing that we are not alone and that our soul planned all of this for a reason.

If you are ready to find out who you really are and to step into your highest purpose and passion, then make a free 15 min chat with me and let’s see how I can make that happen for you just as I have for hundreds of others!

I can work with you personally in the Transform your Life Program             or you can work in a small intimate group with me Live Online Quantum EFT Course (next program begins July 14/15) –

2017 Quantum EFT Live Weekend Workshops – Australia and Toronto

Quantum EFT Live Weekend Workshops – Australia and Toronto

Learn about your soul agreements and experience guide connection, Quantum Eft for the Soul and 2 small group past life regressions. Leave behind soul traumas, beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you and find the wisdom, gifts and higher learning from past lives and activate them now. Transformational weekend. Be prepared to step into a different, new you when you leave!

There are only 3 more Live Quantum EFT Weekend Workshops for 2017.

Half price for reviewers.

Melbourne – Sept 9, 10

Toronto, Canada – Sept 16, 17


The next Live Online 6 week program begins mid July. See HERE.

“I have known Jenny for many years as a fantastic and esteemed colleague and gifted healer. But taking her Quantum EFT workshop last year has taken my experience with her work to a whole new level:

Jenny is deeply insightful and compassionate in her work. She begins by creating a solid foundation of understanding the mechanics of Quantum EFT and past life regressions. Through many wonderful exercises, she helped us tune into past life experiences and clear them profoundly. She also gave us the tools to get started doing this work, and the time to practice our new abilities.

I can testify personally that there was a clear “before and after” with regards to an issue that I had been trying to address without lasting success. Tuning into the energies of past lives and releasing them on a quantum level made all the difference for me. Thank you Jenny!”

~ Ingrid Dinter, EFT Master Trainer

Quantum EFT Live Online 6 week Program

The first Quantum EFT Live Online 6 week program is now running. Participants are already experiencing shifts, connecting with their guides and soul agreements/contracts and I’m excited for the soul shifts they are about to make as we work through patterns and beliefs that no longer serve them in this life and past lives. Then when we get to retrieve positive traits and characteristics from other lifetimes and activate them in this life. Participants will learn how to use Quantum Eft and how to powerfully step into their soul power and purpose. The next Online workshop begins mid July. Make a free 15 min appointment with Jenny to have any questions answered. For more information and to register, see HERE.

Step into your soul purpose now

What I love most about my work and passion is getting to see people step into their power, passion and soul purpose. When you choose to look at what is holding you back, keeping you small and you really want to move forward with ease and grace, then connect with me to talk about my monthly Transform your Life Program using Quantum EFT for the Soul and Past Life Regression. Make a free 30 min chat with me so I can answer all your questions. Only 3 places left this month.