Quantum EFT Certified Practitioners

If you want to work with a Certified Quantum EFT Practitioner, you have come to the right place. (See below).

Certified Quantum EFT Practitioners have undergone a lengthy and thorough process to gain Certification and have had extensive practice with clients and supervision with Founder of Quantum EFT, Jenny Johnston.

You can be assured of being with a Quality Practitioner who has the intention of your highest good as they work with you, when you choose a Certified Quantum EFT Practitioner.

If you are interested in becoming a Certified Quantum EFT Practitioner, the structure of what is required can be found HERE

Jenny Johnston is the Founder of Quantum EFT for the Soul, Trainer and Certified Practitioner.

Jenny is available for private sessions and programs, such as the Transform your Life Program which works by combining Quantum EFT with Past Life Regression and Mining the Akash Hypnotherapy.

You can make a free 15 min appointment with her from this website to discuss your needs and what sessions, workshops or programs will suit you best.

Jenny also has Live Online Quantum EFT Workshop/Courses suitable for people all over the world to attend from the comfort of their home. This is a requirement for Certifying as a Quantum EFT Practitioner. See HERE.


AUSTRALIA – Melbourne –

Jenny Johnston.







Jenny is the Founder of Quantum EFT and the only Quantum EFT Trainer in the world. She works privately with people in person from Frankston in Melbourne, Australia and by video Skype or Zoom with anyone around the globe.

Jenny runs Live Online Quantum EFT Workshops over a 6 week period as well as Live Weekend Workshops in Melbourne. Jenny is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist, an EFT Universe Trainer, and a Reiki II Practitioner. Her passion is to help people to step into their power and passion and find their soul purpose and higher learning in this life and other lifetimes.

If you would like to become a Certified Quantum EFT Practitioner or have a Quantum EFT Session with Jenny, contact her HERE.


CANADA – Toronto –

Gillian Small.







Gillian Small is a Transformational Life Coach/Quantum EFT Practitioner/ Reiki Master/Yoga Instructor. Gillian’s speciality is working with people who suffer from anxiety and feeling stuck in their life. Gillian helps to safely guide her clients to speak up and stand up for themselves from a place of empowerment, and ultimately guiding her clients to place a peace within themselves, passion and purpose for living.   If you would like a free 30 mins consultation with Gillian, you may reach her at +1-416-558-1126 or Contact her HERE.