Tapping into Past Lives

Jenny Johnston - Quantum EFT

Jenny Johnston is the founder of Quantum EFT for the Soul, Trainer and Certified Practitioner

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 Quantum EFT for the Soul

Jenny Johnston, Founder of Quantum EFT for the Soul

Jenny is a keynote speaker and author and enjoys Certifying Practitioners from around the world in both EFT and Quantum EFT.

Mining the Akash

What is ‘Mining the Akash’? Have you ever explored other lives lived or gone into past lives in order to heal a pattern or issue that you feel like you ‘brought in’ with you? Why not also go to ‘other lives’ lived and also seek out gifts and talents that you have also learned and are contained in your Akash (Akashic Records). Once you have found and re-experienced them, then you can activate them through the meridians into this present life and biology using EFT and the heart. Come to the next Quantum EFT Workshop to explore and experience this method.

What clients are saying


April ’23 Quantum EFT Workshop

“Thank you so much, dear Jenny! It was such an honor to work with you. I had an amazing and transformational experience in the Quantum EFT Workshop. My mind is blown, and my heart is touched! It never ceases to amaze me how much I love everyone I have met on my Clinical and Quantum EFT journeys.
So much love and gratitude to you!
Thank-you Jenny,”

Darcy XO

Quantum EFT Workshop

“After the Quantum EFT Workshop, I woke up this morning so relaxed, I just sat to watch the rain and didn’t even move to make coffee – even my husband said ‘what happened you are different today’. Thank you, it’s been a while since I felt zero pressure on me (from me) to ‘do’ something.”
Caroline James

An amazing, soul expanding experience

“This was an amazing, soul expanding experience! I find myself in better spiritual alignment, since taking the workshop. It has been profoundly helpful to rise above my past and current struggles, to see the bigger soul assignments and greater soul’s learning and purpose. It has created a deeper sense of security and comfort, as I remind myself that I am fully loved and supported by Source. Life is happening for us, not to us. I am excited to implement these techniques, to bring further self-empowerment and peace to my clients. Thank-you Jenny! You are definitely a light worker.”
Darcy McCain EFT Practitioner