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Jenny Johnston - Quantum EFT

In 1991, after Jenny’s Mum died suddenly from a blood clot to the heart, Jenny began reading books about Near Death Experiences, Spirituality, Meditation etc. On the day of her mother’s funeral, it was her sister’s 30th birthday and she had been given a reading from a clairvoyant as a birthday present. A few days later, after Jenny had listened to the clairvoyant reading on tape, it was very clear to her that this woman had communicated with her mother. Jenny’s sister was also told that her mother would visit all of her 7 children in a vivid dream that week. One night soon after, Jenny sat watching TV telling her husband that she could feel her mother’s presence and that tonight was the night – she was even a little scared to go to sleep. That night, she was woken by the flash of a brightest light – like lightening that she could still ‘see’ even though her eyes were closed. She became aware of her mother’s soul/ light body present along with many other light body/souls. Jenny was filled with love and felt that her mother was saying that she loved her. Jenny said, “I love you Mum.” Then she felt energy from her mother, like a finger, touching the middle of her forehead. In a moment the light and energy was gone. Jenny immediately began shaking her husband awake, saying, Mum’s just been! It was all so vivid! However, then she realised that she was laying still beside her husband – she hadn’t been awake at all – she had had the most vivid dream! Then she began to shake her husband and told him that her Mum had just been. Her mother had indeed visited her in a very vivid dream, just like the clairvoyant had said she would.

Jenny’s intuition (third eye) had been awakened and her thirst for more spiritual knowledge grew. She contacted that clairvoyant who was also running Psychic Developemnt and Meditation classes. Jenny attended these for years, developing her psychometry skills, channelling, reiki, meditation and intuition. She was also introduced to the spiritual channellings of many people but resonated most with the Kryon Channellings through Lee Carroll.

In the following few years, Jenny’s marriage broke down and she met an amazing man who also awoke her spiritual curiosity as she felt she had ‘known’ him before and he, her. After they underwent Past Life Regressions together, Jenny discovered that they had been married in a past life in America and that he had gone to fight in the American Civil War. Before he left he had promised that he’d return, however he had been killed. In this present life, he was fulfilling his promise to return, even though it was brief (he left soon after to travel the world with the Navy).

Jenny’s interest in Hypnotherapy and Past Lives grew from there even more and in another few years she officially trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist (Diploma with Australian Avcademy of Hypnotic Science) and then as a Past Life Regression Therapist (Holistic Center of New York). It was during her Clinical Hypnotherapy studies that Jenny was introduced to EFT by a fellow student.

Over the years, Jenny has combined all her spiritual knowledge together with her EFT, NLP and hypnotherapy skills and has created “Quantum EFT and Mining the Akash”. She met personally with Lee Carroll in March 2012 to discuss her ideas, which he gave his blessings for and encouraged her to proceed with as it was just what he had been channelling and teaching through Kryon. And so Quantum EFT was born. No Quantum EFT workshop will ever be the same as the last as it is ‘in the Now’ and always morphing with new knowledge and information coming in. It is an ‘experience’ more than a workshop.

In 2014, Jenny published her first Best selling Book, Tapping into Past Lives and her second book, You Past Life Inheritance in 2017. Both are available on Kindle and in print on Amazon in most countries.

In 2013, Jenny wrote a chapter in Tail-enders in the Clinical EFT Handbook, volume 1.

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