Quantum EFT Certification

What recent Quantum EFT Certification Practitioners are saying about the Certification process:

“I have just completed the Quantum EFT Certification Program with Jenny Johnston.

For me the journey to certification has been deeply transformative on a very personal level and my family have noticed the positive shifts.

Not only have I gained new tools to help my clients, I experienced many borrowed benefits from the numerous case studies.

I knew when I signed up for the Certification Program that I would be in for some deep soul healing, I just did not realise how life changing it would be.”

~ Kerri Fitzpatrick – Sydney Australia

“I came into the Quantum EFT Workshop not quite sure what to expect but certainly curious and wanting to explore more.
For as long as I can remember, I’ve had ‘knowings’ about information and events. I had never looked into how remnants of these images that felt so familiar to me, could hold clues as to why I had core limiting beliefs that were still playing out in my life.
In the Quantum EFT workshop, I experienced a profound release of old patterns and beliefs that had remained stubbornly stuck.
Jenny is such an experienced and skilled practitioner. She creates and maintains such a safe and caring environment – It is the safest place to explore whatever your subconscious wants to take you to so that true emotional healing and freedom can occur. Jenny keeps the workshop group size capped to a small number to ensure this environment is possible.

This is certainly a workshop that needs to be felt, words are difficult when talking about quantum!
It doesn’t matter if you don’t get a clear memory or time of life – the healing can happen anyhow.
For me, the ripples of healing continue to go out and touch many areas of my life. I am living true emotional freedom at a deep level and I have become a better EFT Practitioner.
This has meant that I have put myself out there more in the public arena, launching my own EFT Practice and I’m well on the way to becoming a Certified Quantum EFT Practitioner.

Thank-you Jenny for your vision in putting this together.”

~ Lisa Reardon. Certified EFT Universe Practitioner and Mentor, NZ.

Steps for Quantum EFT Certification

  1. Attend a Quantum EFT / Tapping into Past Lives Workshop $799 (Discount for EFT U students/practitioners $699)
  2. Attend this workshop a second time (recommended 2 – 12 months later) $499
  3. Watch selected Quantum EFT videos by Jenny and make comments.
  4. 10 hours of personal work using Quantum EFT (this includes 4 hours of personal work in swap sessions, 3 hours of personal work with any Certified Quantum EFT Practitioner and 3 sessions with Jenny).
  5. Mentoring Payment $799 which includes 3 Mentoring sessions and attendance of Day 2 and Day 3 of a third QEFT Workshop.
  6. Mentoring module 1 – Submit 5 x single case studies using Quantum EFT and receive feedback in a mentoring session with Jenny.
  7. Mentoring module 2 – Submit 6 sessions of 3 clients who have two QEFT sessions and receive feedback in a mentoring session with Jenny.
  8. Mentoring module 3 – Submit one video recorded Quantum EFT session with a client and receive feedback.
  9. Attend a QEFT demonstration and practise day (day 2 & 3) from a third Quantum EFT Workshop (included in mentoring payment).
  10. Read “Tapping into Past Lives” and “Your Past Life Inheritance” by Jenny Johnston, and “The Human Akash” by Monika Muranyi, Write short book reports on each one. (Suggested reading – “The Journey Home” by Kryon – Lee Carroll).
  11. Email Jenny your picture and profile for the Quantum EFT Practitioner page.
  12. CERTIFICATION RENEWAL: Two yearly – attend day 2 (QEFT Demo) and day 3 (QEFT Practise) from a Quantum EFT Workshop $249 USD (or repeat the full QEFT Workshop for $499 USD) and be an Emotional Assistant on a Quantum EFT Workshop.