Private Sessions

Private Quantum EFT sessions are available in a single session, package of 3 sessions or 6 sessions of Private Coaching or 6 sessions of Transform your Life program.

Sessions can be booked from this website’s online scheduler. If you are not sure which sessions you would most benefit from, book a free 15 minute chat appointment with Jenny to discuss what is right for you.

Transform your life Program

So you want to make a difference but something’s holding you back and keeping you small.

Are you a healer and want to make a difference in the world but something is holding you back and keeping you small and you’ve done so many programs and worked on yourself but the same self-sabotage is still there?
What if it’s coming from a past life where you were persecuted or killed for standing out or being in your truth.
Do you not think that your DNA remembers that and is still protecting you from that now?

Let me show you how to discover what is keeping you safe and small, so you can step into your true soul purpose and make a difference with ease and abundance. I will also help you to tap into your strengths, wisdom and knowledge from other lives to activate them in this one.

This is a rare opportunity for you to eliminate past fears that originate in other lives , find your life purpose and have access to gifts, talents, health from other lives already lived, then activate them in your present life.

You can receive Jenny’s expert personal attention and guidance by video zoom (or in person).

Jenny has been a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist since 2005, a qualified advance Past Life Regression Therapist since 2009, a Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner since 2009 and an EFT Universe Trainer since 2011. She is the Founder of Quantum EFT and she has combined all her knowledge to her spiritual learning as taught by Kryon (a channelled energy) into Quantum EFT & Mining the Akash.

Here is what a participant said about her journey in the Transform your Life Program –

“Words cannot express how much Jenny and the process of using Quantum EFT has helped me. I have studied and personally used Clinical EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting since 2011. I have been helping clients as well since then. During one of my sessions of tapping where I was the client I realized that I had been in a previous life during the Salem witch trials, and I was able to work on some specific events that happened back then that were still affecting me now. This only served as a catalyst to look into the possibilities of past lives more. My cousin had previously told me that our family was sent here for a mission and that I should read the book Many Lives Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss but I never felt ready. Most recently with the release of her book Tapping Into Past Lives, I felt it was safe now to delve into this subject. The reason being is that I trusted tapping and intuitively knew that it would help with past life regression. I also had taken to heart what my cousin had said. After reading her book I felt ready and safe with the idea of looking at past life regression, deep inside I knew I had more to work on. It was a big surprise when Jenny blessed us with a North American workshop tour during the summer of 2015 and I knew I had to get to one of them. Off I went to Santa Ana California and I am so glad I did. Her book Tapping Into Past Lives, Quantum EFT Workshop and then her Transform Your Life Program did just that!!! It transformed my life and set me off on the trajectory of my True Soul Path. Thank you Jenny for helping me to keep my soul journey appointment! If you are looking to do very deep work and want to find out what you are really here to do, contact Jenny Johnston right away!”

~ Ilia Blandina –

That’s what this amazing Personal Transform your Life Program Offers to those select few people annually. For your suitability and commitment to your transformation, book your free 15 min interview for this program with Jenny here

This investment in Your Soul’s Transformation is only $1,110 USD per 6 weeks and you get to choose how many weeks or months you wish to transform yourself .

For this investment in you and your soul’s journey, you receive, recommended over a 6 week period

  • 6 hours of personal ‘Past Life Regression’ and Quantum EFT Sessions to clear fear and unfinished business and then find strengths and wisdom to apply NOW.
  • Recordings of your past life sessions if you choose.

Be quick to take advantage of this limited opportunity. Due to Jenny’s demands around the world and in Australia, this is a limited program offered to only a few after an interview with Jenny to determine your history, intention, committment and the benefit you wish to gain.

Don’t wait – you need to find what’s holding you back at the soul level, so you can proceed forward and gain knowledge, wisdom and higher learning and step into your true souls’ purpose in this lifetime.

Imagine your very own personal guide taking you through your Personal Akashic Records to lives that still affect the way you automatically behave and feel today and being able to dissolve past traumas still impacting you using Quantum EFT.

Imagine clearing past survival mode influences, such as Fear of Confrontation, Fear of Commitment, Feelings of Unworthiness, Fear of Abandonment, Fear of Enlightenment, Fear of Success etc, so that you are clear and ready to ‘Mine your Akash’ and go and seek out talents, gifts, knowledge, health that you have already learned in ‘other’ lives and then under guidance, bring them back and ‘activate them’ through the meridian system and the blueprint of your stem cells.