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Quantum EFT / Tapping Into Past Lives – 2 Day Workshop  

“I have known Jenny for many years as a fantastic and esteemed colleague and gifted healer. But taking her Quantum EFT workshop last year has taken my experience with her work to a whole new level:

Jenny is deeply insightful and compassionate in her work. She begins by creating a solid foundation of understanding the mechanics of Quantum EFT and past life regressions. Through many wonderful exercises, she helped us tune into past life experiences and clear them profoundly. She also gave us the tools to get started doing this work, and the time to practice our new abilities.

I can testify personally that there was a clear “before and after” with regards to an issue that I had been trying to address without lasting success. Tuning into the energies of past lives and releasing them on a quantum level made all the difference for me. Thank you Jenny!”

~ Ingrid Dinter, EFT Master Trainer USA

 2018 Quantum EFT 2 day weekend Workshops

March 24, 25 – Frankston, Melbourne, Victoria.

  • March 24, 25 at 4 Apollo Crt, Frankston, Vic. 9am – 5.00pm – $495 (concession $450)

*Register and pay for this Workshop HERE. 


July 7, 8 – Frankston, Melbourne, Victoria.

  • July 7, 8 at 4 Apollo Crt, Frankston, Vic. 9am – 5.00pm – $495 (concession $450)

*Register and pay for this Workshop HERE. 


To register, contact Jenny through the contact page here.



2018 Workshops

Online Live QUANTUM EFT & MINING THE AKASH Program – 6 weeks. $444 US

Begins in April 20 US / April 21 AUS for 6 weeks 

Details and register –  HERE

First Live Session begins –

US – Fri April 20 – 5pm – 6.30pm PAC / 8pm – 9.30pm EAS

AUS  – Sat April 21 – 10am – 11.30am Melbourne 

Reviewers – please put in the coupon code ‘REVIEWER’ in order to receive $111 discount).

“Jenny, thank you for the experience and for masterfully interlacing two of my most passionate interests, past life regression therapy and EFT and making it appear effortless. Of course, expertise and skill in any area always looks effortless and easy; not until the unskilled attempt to replicate do we realise the complexity of intuition, timing, language and technique involved.
The Live Online Quantum EFT Course is well paced and structured to facilitate the introduction of concepts and development of confidence; providing lots of opportunities to release and heal old pain from our souls as we tune in to our growing intuition, skills and technique. Your generosity and willingness to share your experiences, to find the higher learning in every situation made everything feel safe. Parts of the course were challenging and took me out of my comfort zone, but the atmosphere and ethos you have created enabled me to step up and step out rather than falling back and hiding. Thank you once again for creating this wonderful course, so more people in the world can effortlessly and easily release the hurts of the past and step freely into their present and future.”

~ Maria Barrington – EFT Practitioner, Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist. UK.


“Quantum EFT and Mining the Akash was fantastic! This course was profound, easy to use and understand and the shift was rapid. I love how Jenny has incorporated powerful EFT with the souls wisdom and truth. Thank you Jenny for moving out of your comfort zone with EFT, incorporating past lives and creating a very powerful program.”

~ Angela Blaha USA


What if you could access lifetimes that are having a negative influence on you now and ‘heal’ them?

What if you could access gifts, talents and higher learning/life purpose and activate it in your life now?

These are some of the intentions and gifts that participants receive in Quantum EFT & Mining the Akash Workshops.

Quantum EFT Workshops are intended for you to EXPERIENCE huge shifts with lots of exercises, demonstrations and practicing.

For the print version of the book, Tapping into Past Lives, see here.

For the ebook version of Tapping into Past Lives, see here.

Participants will leave having felt and/or witnessed major shifts. This NEW ENERGY workshop will be different to anything that you’ve ever experienced.

Listen to what the Salt Lake City 2016 TIPL Workshop participants said in this 8 min video –

Listen to this 8 min video of what the 2016 Ft Lauderdale TIPL Workshop participants experienced ….

Listen to what these 2015 New York participants have to say about their experience in this short video ….

No Quantum EFT Workshop will be the same as other workshops as they will be tailored according to the needs and energies of the participants. 

Here are Sydney participants speaking about what they experienced…..

New energy techniques will be included as well listening to relevant Kryon Channellings and tuning in to your intuition and divine guidance using psychometry and cards; group Past Life Regression and a ‘Mining the Akash’ session.

Here is part of what some recent participants said

Your message of breaking open the boundaries of EFT and letting it mix with all the other amazing modalities and quantum processes out there is brilliant and necessary. I’d recommend it to someone looking to broaden their experience of what is possible.” ~ Naomi Janzen

“I have to say this was a remarkable experience! It truly is hard to put into words the experience of Quantum EFT & Tapping into Past Lives. This workshop has given me many answers and insights and I feel blessed to have synchronistically found my way to this very beautiful experience. I look forward to continued growth and now feel like I can walk into a powerful life experience having removed fear, blocks and pain, while also bringing forward ‘real knowing’ of who I really am. I now remember my truth. Thank-you Jenny. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! I look forward to more loving adventures!” ~ Tara Lee Simmons

“Thank-you for a delicious and delightful unfolding! Quantum EFT is a magnificent means of deep self-exploration leading to deep self-empowerment! Jenny is truly gifted and a sheer delight to work with. Her care and love for her students add rich and savory layers to the Quantum EFT Process. Again, thank-you Jenny for a perfect unfolding! Blessings, Brad.” ~ Brad Stanersen

“Jenny makes some very difficult work, very easy. It seems almost impossible to do so much clearing in one weekend but this course makes it easy. I left feeling much more at peace with my life and I feel I have the ability to move forward now. I highly recommend this course to anyone ready for transformation.” ~ Paula Miriani

“Such a delightful workshop that was very deep and very harmonizing. Jenny you held space beautifully. I really appreciate how well you guided and instructed us. Super excited to take the wisdom gained into this incarnation in service to others.” ~ Heidi Bradley

“The Quantum EFT/Tapping was very powerful. I was able to resolve some deep-seated issues of rage that I’ve had my whole life. I feel like a burden has been taken off me. Learning how to process with tapping will serve me well. I look forward to using this tool the rest of my life and I look forward to using past life regression more to help me resolve many issues and heal.” ~ Ben Novak

Workshops are LIMITED to a small group for an intimate experience so don’t wait or you may miss out!

Practice Past Life Regression with these 2 live MP3 recordings from Quantum EFT workshops

One is to heal past lives and the other one is to ‘mine’ your Akash.

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Past Life Regression and Mining the Akash Downloads - New York