2016 Nth America Workshop Tour

by | May 3, 2016 | Quantum EFT

2016 Nth America Workshop Tour

Due to popular demand, I have been asked to come back to Nth America to run these life changing workshops, Tapping into Past Lives based on the techniques of Quantum EFT, Past Life Regression and ‘mining’ the Akash (all of your lives).

Some of the people from these cities have asked me to come back, like Seattle, Toronto, Montreal and New York and then there are new cities – Whidbey Island (near Seattle), Amherst NH, Ft Lauderdale FL and Salt Lake City UT and Ottawa. I even get to be in Canada’s Capitol, Ottawa for Canada Day in July!


Why do those who have already done the workshop want to take it again? Because of the experience and amazing life changes they have experienced during and after the workshop.

The Toronto Workshop is already half booked with people repeating the workshop!

So, if you want to get the experience of a lifetime and experience past life regressions and Quantum EFT with the Founder of Quantum EFT who is coming all the way from Australia, don’t wait till the Earlybird Price Dates finish (30 days prior to the workshop) or seats may already be sold out!

This is an intimate workshop for the highest quality of experiences and places are LIMITED!

If you have questions, then make a free 15 min appointment with me to discuss on the ‘Let’s Talk button on my website.

Here are the dates and links for more information and to register –


  • June 18, 19 – Whidbey Island near Seattle, WA – see HERE
  • July 16, 17 – Amherst, New Hampshire – see HERE
  • July 23, 24 – Ft Lauderdale, Florida – see HERE
  • July 30, 31 – Larchmont, New York – see HERE
  • August 6, 7 – Salt Lake City, Utah – see HERE


  • June 25, 26 – Toronto – see HERE
  • July 2, 3 – Ottawa – see HERE
  • July 9, 10 – Montreal – see HERE

If you would prefer a 1 or 2 hour private session with me, I can arrange for that in any of the cities above in person or by Skype at any time.

Choices and prices are available on my “Let’s Talk’ – Schedule Now BluenButton on my website.

Hope to see some new and old faces there.

~ Jenny Johnston


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