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“Thank you for purchasing “Tapping into Past Lives”. Here are the videos from stories in the book as promised.”  Jenny Johnston

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fX6BLFcGRkMLibby’s Quantum EFT session where she processes sadness and jealously in a past life and it dissolves it in this one too.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-O3PVKqp9Ifear of abandonment leads to a past life as an aboriginal having the bone pointed at him.

“I hope you learned a lot from these videos for yourself. Please feel free to pay this methodology forward to someone else who may also benefit from it. I’d like to give you access to more videos as I record them at workshops. One of the videos comes with a warning as it shows my client releasing a loud past life scream that is quite blood curdling, so please tap while watching and look after your own well-being. One of the other videos shows a full quantum EFT Session of my client clearing anger and resentment across many, many lifetimes including this one, having profound affects on her life now. Please and watch these videos responsibly.”

Here are the six videos described in the book for you to watch at your leisure:

  1. Narelle’s past life scream. Warning! This video may be confronting. Tap while you watch and take resposibility for your own health – https://youtu.be/yAshY1sBZIg
  2. Julee’s past life experiences as Joshua and Leila –  https://youtu.be/vLbSxKcqC54 
  3. Anne: Fear of confrontation leads to her death in Gallipoli – https://youtu.be/TzEKp3Dwp94
  4.  Terry’s trip through the ages processing her resentment and anger form many lifetimes – https://youtu.be/U1yD-Q6jFRg
  5. Libby’s loving advice from her soul in a Quantum EFT session following her past life regression – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fX6BLFcGRkM
  6. Sally: Interconnected Life Purpose carries emotion –  https://youtu.be/VpbVASl50Ek 
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