How my Past Life Regression and Quantum EFT Session affected me.

by | May 7, 2014 | Quantum EFT

The following is what a participant in one of the Quantum EFT & Mining the Akash Workshops experienced. Can you relate it to your life? Want to find out what’s affecting you from your past lives? Book in for a personal session or a Quantum EFT Workshop – see the workshops page for details.

“I never thought that I would ever be able to experience a past life regression, so it was a pleasant surprise when I was able to achieve this effortlessly in Jenny’s Quantum EFT workshop.

In my first vision, I was alone in a beautiful luscious Grecian garden in a huge palace on a cliff top overlooking the ocean. I was in Greece and I was around 16 years old. I felt it was sometime around the 1800’s, within my last five lifetimes. The name Athena came to mind, although I wasn’t 100 per cent sure if that was my name or it was a cognitive association with Greek mythology (although this later proved irrelevant). I was alone in a white flowing long summer dress, hanging out in the garden and dancing and twirling around. I was a warrior princess with advanced fighting and martial arts skills. I was fiercely independent and strong-minded and had a fearless mentality. I was an attractive girl, with long dark flowing and wavy hair. I did, however, feel alone and isolated.

I then experienced a flash scene of being on a large hill over looking green luscious rolling hills of green pastures and, practicing my fighting with my master.

The next scene I jumped to, I was taken by guards before my father who was sitting at his thrown, and he did not approve of my fighting talents as it was not lady like, and I was ordered to stop at once. 

I felt that I was very lonely, and may have been an only child. However, I knew I had a purpose to protect and help those less fortunate, so I would sneak out of the palace in my battle attire (black clothing and face armour where necessary) and go into local villages to perform my duties. I was skilled at being anonymous and stealth like, a characteristic I have definitely taken into this lifetime.

I jumped to the final scene during that lifetime. I was 22. I was killed by my father’s guards (four to five) as I snuck back into the palace after my goodwill warrior work. A sword struck me in the left ribs (where I experience pain in this lifetime), which bought me to the ground. I died with the belief my father set out to murder me because he didn’t approve of who I was. I observed that my father didn’t realise it was me until they took off the head armour (after the guards took the body to him).

How this experience has related to my current lifetime, is that at the core of my being, I have never felt safe being the true me, and have always felt that I would be punished if I even try. I have not fully expressed my talents, and have basically being playing small and self-sabotaging when big opportunities have entered my life. Despite me consciously knowing I am doing this, it has been a real challenge to break this pattern. Further, while I am very outgoing, social, and charismatic, I have innate tendencies to withdraw from the world and being in my own space, and it has been a challenge to feel comfortable with being intimate and sharing who I really am.

Participating in this activity during the quantum EFT workshop has given me relief because I was getting really frustrated and down on myself about these themes, especially because I had invested so much time and effort on healing this, and thought I had done everything I could do. I now have the tools to address this in a multidimensional way.

To support that the themes of this past life regression was no accident, we experienced a second regression later that day.

I was a male army pilot, around late twenties, at war. I was unsure of my name, nationality (although I felt I was British), time period, or where the war was. I had a wife and two kids at home. My job (at least in the scenes I experienced) was to pilot the Chinook helicopter’s to deliver supplies (I saw medical, amongst others). I felt this was my most recent lifetime, and I died young (early thirties). Later on when I researched Chinook helicopters, the Army first used them in the early sixties (I was born in the late seventies). It was exciting to think that perhaps I was one of the first to fly these?

This was also a lifetime I spent much time alone and isolated. I was also gay, and had a secret affair with a fellow soldier. I was secretive about both my sexuality and love affair. I had to play the role of the happily married family man, despite this not being who I really was.

The interesting aspect of these regressions, regardless of whether or not the details are exact, the overall themes came though very clear, that have impacted my current lifetime.

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