Live Online Quantum EFT Workshop begins April 19, 20, 21.

by | Apr 16, 2018 | Quantum EFT

Do you self-sabotage? Hold yourself back from success? Scared to speak up? have unexplained fears? They may originate in past lives. I love helping people learn how to release these using Quantum EFT and past life regression. I also assist people to go into past lives and experience positive lifetimes and bring back higher learning and gifts from them, activating them in this life, into their biology, through the meridian system and stem cells. If you would like to not only experience all this for yourself and learn Quantum EFT to use with your clients then you can!
*** Join me LIVE ONLINE for the Quantum EFT 6 week course, starting this week.
*UK – Thurs April 19th at 9am;
*US – April 20th at 5pm PAC/8pm EAS;
*AUS – Sat April 21 at 10am Melbourne time.

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