My first channelling experience – White Cloud

by | Jun 23, 2017 | Quantum EFT

My first experience of hearing a channeller was when I was in my early 30’s, not long after my Mum died suddenly. A friend of mine sent me to this middle aged woman in the country who channelled ‘White Cloud’. She had such a strong scottish accent that it took all of my energy and focus to understand what she was saying. And then she closed her eyes to chanel and a strong, deep male voice with no scottish accent came through. Her whole face changed shape as white cloud spoke directly to me. He called me ‘child’ and said that I love to walk and that is when I meditate and that I also love to read. He said, “You have many questions my child. You may begin”. I was so intrigued with the energy, his voice, the tone of wisdom and reverence, that I forgot that i had a whole page of questions written in my bag. I proceeded to ask questions and was filled with awe as he answered them patiently. After the session, I remember going to a park and just sitting and contemplating and knowing that finally I knew why I was here and that there was so much more to our human earthly experience. I continue to follow my path and my passion helping others to discover who they really are and that there is so much more than just this one human life.

I love taking people into past life regression where they get to experience so much more of themselves both in other lifetimes and also connecting with source/masters/higherself. I love being able to apply Quantum EFT to their ‘issues’ and find the higher learning as we let go of old patterns from lifetimes (including now) and create new beliefs and ways of ‘being’ knowing that we are not alone and that our soul planned all of this for a reason.

If you are ready to find out who you really are and to step into your highest purpose and passion, then make a free 15 min chat with me and let’s see how I can make that happen for you just as I have for hundreds of others!

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