New book “Tapping into Past Lives’ is a #1 Best Seller

by | Nov 22, 2014 | Quantum EFT

johnston_cover_FINAL-2 This new ebook called, “Tapping into Past Lives”. (Healing soul traumas and claiming your spiritual gifts with Quantum EFT) was  released on Dec 16th (US) and Dec 17th, 8am (Aust).

It went straight to #1 and continues to be #1 in it’s category on Amazon Australia and is #6 on amongst writers such as Wayne Dyer and Esther Hicks.

You can download to your computer (no kindle required) with free book-offer thank-you’s included in the ebook.

Get your copy here on or go to Amazon in your  Country.

Read all about the book in this article in ‘The Examiner’.

The book will also be available in print by the end of February, so keep an eye out for it.

Here is what Dr Lee Carroll, Author of the Kryon Series says,

“Every so often there is a book that comes along that sets the standard for our time. This one is right on time. Not only has Jenny been waiting for all the information to come together, but also for the timing to come together. Finally, we get this book! It’s more than “just another process,” for it combines the past with the future, and pulls upon Jenny’s expertise, combined with some of the most progressive esoteric concepts today… “Can you go inside and “mine” attributes from your past lives? You lived them, so why not? Did they go away, or are they still there? How do you do it? Tapping Into Past Lives is a winner! Congratulations Jenny. This is long overdue!”

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