Your Past Life Inheritance Book Pdf

Tapping into Your Wisdom Within to Create Your Future Now – Your Past Life Inheritance, by Jenny Johnston. (PDF)

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Jenny Johnston, founder of Quantum EFT shows through many of her client’s past life experiences and Quantum EFT sessions how we can release soul patterns and issues that are affecting us now.

You will read transcripts of sessions and feel like you are right there with them as they discover higher learning and more about who they really are.
You will be fascinated by sessions that take you to other planets and on a journey that you will be in awe of.
What is your soul purpose and why are you here? You will discover truths about yourself as you relate to these people’s transformations and self-discoveries.

“Why are there some habits we find it impossible to break? Why do we find ourselves in the same adverse relationships and work situations over and over? Why are some financial challenges so difficult to overcome? Jenny Johnston shows in her book that many patterns are rooted in ancient archetypes and that until we look for the solutions beyond ordinary states of consciousness, we can remain trapped. In clear and engaging language, and with inspiring case histories drawn from her sessions with clients, she shows how we can tap the deepest layers of our awareness for answers and solutions that can bring extraordinary growth and healing.”

Dawson Church PhD, Best selling Author of The Genie in your Genes –