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by | Mar 21, 2013 | Testimonials

“Hi Jenny,

I  had a great time on the weekend. The group were great and your relaxed manner set the tone.

I really love the use of EFT in general. Its versatility amazes me.

The use of the Ask and Receive verse that is on the cover of the DVD of the same name for me is a great way to end a tapping session.

I went into the workshop mainly hoping that I would feel a healing on some level and I did.  I had no huge expectations other than to come away with something that would resonate with me. The Ask and Recieve verse was that something for me.

The channelling of Kyron and the Mining of the Akash opened new learnings for me in expanding my awareness to finding my Truth.

The muscle testing is a great tool for finding out where you have a block, especially to healing. The simple yes and no answers can then be followed by EFT.

Psychometry has never been something I have aligned with, probably because it takes me so long to get anything and what I  said has never resonated with the receiver. Having said that when I was on the receiving end, my partner was right on the money. Everyone else in the group, from my observation enjoyed the experience immensley.

Past Life Regression (PLR) is very helpful for discovering and releasing those times that hold you back which are locked in the Sub Conscious mind. I still feel that EFT  is a good aid with this modality for shaking off the residue.

The group PLR for me was a pleasant experience. Part of this was your guidance through the whole experience. Your voice is fabulous for hypnotherapy. In a group session  it is not easy to ask questions  through the regression as we are each having individual experiences, but on a one on one I can see with your guidance how beneficial it could be.I felt you paced this session really well.

The language of Quantum EFT is slightly different but the idea of is totally brilliant. It allows the client and Practitioner another venue to explore for releasing those horrors that hold us back.

I don’t think as a people we trust our intuition enough. I certainly don’t. On those occasions when I have, the outcomes have been quite surprising and easily attained.

The whole weekend allowed for plenty of discussion especially with the Kyron Parables and the PLR

This was true of the Quantum EFT sessions as well I would have liked to have observed more of these so I could get my head around how you were able to get them to that locked space in their Sub Conscious mind and the way in which you were able to transform those scenes through time, space, and place.
EFT has opened doors for many people to heal and heal gently. Quantum EFT is another door that delivers this as well. Again I am amazed at the versatitlity of EFT and Quantun EFT showed this to me. The idea for me is to be open to anything that comes along, give it a shot, if it works, great, if not, move onto something else till you find that something that works for you and is comfortable for you.

It was a great work shop and weekend. I enjoyed new insights, lots of laughter, great company and another opportunity to see the amazing reach of EFT.

Thanks Jenny.”


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