Testimonial from Quantum EFT Workshops

by | Mar 21, 2013 | Testimonials

“I loved the vibe, the general spirit of generosity and allowing to explore that everyone brought. I loved the variety of things you introduced us to and the gorgeous venue. The aspects I personally really resonated with the most were the psychometry, the Ask and Receive work, the muscle testing, the Angel card (or any card) selecting and reading but EVERYTHING was interesting and enlightening, especially when experienced one after the other in that in-depth context.

I saw a few times when I felt tapping would have been a perfect compliment to a visualisation.

Some of the other things didn’t resonate with me as much as others but I wouldn’t say “oh, you could leave that out” or anything because we are all different and that might have been a missing key for a fellow student! And that was the spirit you presented it in so – perfect! (also, something I might not click with now, might be the perfect thing at some future time and so it’s been introduced so I know about it and can go search that out again.)

Your message of breaking open the boundaries of EFT and letting it mix with all the other amazing modalities and quantum processes out there is brilliant and necessary. I’d recommend it to someone looking to broaden their experience of what is possible.”



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