Tapping into Past Lives with Quantum EFT Workshop

by | May 15, 2021 | Quantum EFT

At last we can have an ‘in-person’ workshop and I am excited to welcome people to register and experience live in Frankston Victoria, this life changing workshop on July 10, 11, 2021. In this workshop you will investigate your own connection with your guides, look into your own soul contracts and agreements, have a Quantum Eft session with Jenny, learn how to use and practice Quantum Eft with others and experience 2 small group past life regressions. In these, you will have the opportunity to release old patterns and fears that are still holding you back and sabotaging you in this life and then you get to go and retrieve positive experiences from other lifetimes. You will not know yourself after this workshop. Details here – www.quantumeft.com.au/workshops

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