Quantum EFT Workshop -“Lifechanging”.

by | Nov 14, 2019 | Testimonials

I recently held a Quantum EFT for the Soul Workshop in the Philippines and here is what a couple of the participants said about it:

Gina Lamzon –

This has been a life-changing, life-affirming experience for me.  I wish everyone would have this same opportunity or that they too could see who they truly are and who they are meant to be. I thank my higher being for allowing Jenny to come to our place and share her gifts with us. I can’t help but smile and wink at my spirit guides.

Maricielo Paula Funa – 

This experience was life-changing. It made me present to many things in my present life that happened in past lives. I am still overwhelmed with the experience. With the benefit that I received from the workshop, I am determined to practice Quantum EFT in my personal life as well as with my professional life in order to help many children/students.

Details and to register for the next Quantum EFT (Tapping into Past Lives Workshop on Feb 8, 9, 2020) – see HERE.

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